A Floral Head dress

A Floral Head Dress The inspiration of this being taken from the artist Frida Kahlo recently the subject of an Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. To make it look similar to the one I had seen I felt it was necessary to actually grow the flowers myself to have a greater understanding of their structure and form. And also consider the various methods of construction that would be necessary. The Latana plants grew and have now flowered as have the Fuchsias. It is also the first time I employed an external company to Laser cut the “72” florets’ which worked well and has saved me time. The first construction has been successful in the areas and in others requires additional work. After which the finishing process will be started. The current project, to produce a floral head dress of silver flowers, which I hope will be suitable for entry into a competition next year.

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Aquilegia flower

Aquilegia Flower The current project is to build a replica of an Aquilegia flower. This has taken some considerable effort in the production of the necessary formers and jigs for the initial build of the individual arts to the current positon of soldering it together, as can be seen below. After which the finishing process will be started.

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