Under the 1973 Hallmarking act it is a legal requirement for silver weighing over 7.78g to have a UK recognised hallmark from one of the UK’s 4 Assay Offices.  A hallmark is a set of official marks struck on items made of metal, to certify the content of precious metals.

All of my pieces can be assayed, checked and valued by the London Goldsmiths Assay Office at an additional cost. This will include the marking ‘Assay Mark’ and the cost of post and packaging for shipment to and from the assay office.

The assay marks are applied on a less prominent place on the leaf and/or flower. The assay symbols / mark provides a future reference of where it has been assayed; the quality of the silver; the maker and the year of manufacture. The valuation is both digitally and paper recorded by the London Goldsmiths Assay Office and added to their data base for future reference. A copy of this valuation should be provided to your insurer.

For more information about hallmarking please visit: https://www.assayofficelondon.co.uk/hallmarking