I’m Peter Roberts and I’m a silvermsith creating flowers out of silver and its a craft I’ve come to love.  Before I became a silversmith I worked as an Engineer and Project Manager, working in various process and technological industries in the UK and around the world.

I met Aileen Hamilton of the Creative Jewellery Studio at the local village fair, some years ago.  Aileen introduced me to Silversmithing and after a taster session, I decided that this was a craft for me and have been attending Aileen’s workshop ever since.

Aileen then challenged me with what I would like to make as an initial project.  I decided to produce a miniature rose and the teacher, with a great deal of encouragement, gave me a sheet of pewter to experiment on. Initially from disassembly of a rose a sketch was made; then the construction of templates for the petals and leaves; on to the method of assembly, making individual parts, and finally assembling the pieces together.  The “silver” rose was made half the size of the pewter one with a jug to mount the rose in.

Over the past four years I have made many different pieces and learnt many new and different skills and techniques and some of the old ones rekindled.  I have been inspired to continue with the theme of flowers, which has brought a real understanding and enjoyment of the many complex and diverse ways in which the beauty of the flower is not only seen in its purpose of pollination, but the design and construction. I’ve then gone onto trying to emulate other flowers in silver.  At the beginning of creating any of my pieces, actual flowers are pressed and used in part as the plans for the constructions and assembly and when complete assayed and valued by the Goldsmiths Company. 

My past and recent achievements are exhibiting at the Festival of Silver at the Goldsmiths Centre in 2016. Yearly exhibits in Surrey Open Studios in Redhill; and becoming the Runner up in the ‘Make Your Mark’ Competition 2018 at the London Assay office.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my silver flowers please visit the contact page on my website or send me an email enquiries@botanicalsilversmith.co.uk.

Peter Roberts